The story of Nakula

In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Nakula was the son of king Pandu and queen Madri. He and his twin brother Sahadeva are in the image of the Ashwini Gods. He was one of the five Pandavas whose story is told in the Mahābhārata - the youngest two.

According to record, the twins have special abilities of caring for horses and cows. Nakula is described as extremely attractive. He is also quite observant and keeps a watchful eye on his elder brother Bhima's mischievous and often dangerous pranks.

Nakula was chosen by Yudhishtara as the one brother to be brought back to life during the exile in forest, when all the other four brothers had died after drinking water from a lake. This was because he was the son of Madri, and Yudhishtara, being the son of Kunti, wanted to be fair to both mothers.